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Family antecedents: (Family roots in Hebrew and Spanish of special interest for the descendents of Eliezer ben Zvi (Nissensohn))

My father Dr. Isaac Nissensohn (1886-1963) (1) was born to a Hasidic family in the Ukrainian town of Meshbish (or Meshibosh), the town of the Baal Shem Tov. His father Eliezer Nissensohn participated (c. 1891) in a delegation of Ukrainian Jews to Paris in an unsuccessful attempt to obtain Rothschild's support for colonization in Israel. He immigrated to Argentina, first with his oldest son. Afterwards he settled in Baron De Hirsch colonization's Colonia Mauricio, Prov. Buenos Aires, and brought over the rest of the family (c. 1895). My father was one of the founders of the Argentine Zionist Movement and chairman of the Argentine Zionist Federation (AZF) in the 1920's. In 1930 he resigned from the chairmanship of the AZF and joined Jabotinsky's movement. In 1943 he participated in the foundation of the Latino-American branch of the New Zionist Organization and was elected its chairman. He was a classic liberal, belonged to the Masonry and the Radical Party, and served as secretary to the Argentina president H. Yrigoyen during the campaign in which he was elected to office for the first time. Using his personal relationship with Yrigoyen, he had a decisive influence on Argentina's vote in the League of Nations in support of ratifying the mandate granted to Britain by the San Remo International Conference.

My mother, Sofia Rachel Rabinovich de Nissensohn (1893-1965), was born to Russian immigrants, Natan Rabinovich and Ite Isaacson, who arrived to Argentina before Baron De Hirsch's colonization enterprise began (1889), and settled on the property of a private landowner in Palacios, Prov. Santa Fe. Her mother, Ite, was the founder of the "Guemeiei Hesed", which lent without interest to the needed.

Afterwards, my mother's parents moved to Colonia Clara, one of the colonies of Baron De Hirsch in the province of Entre Rios, where my mother was born. She was one of the first Jewish girls to graduate high school in Argentina. She was the founder of the Argentine branch of the Women International Zioni{st Organization (WIZO) and served two long terms as its chairwomen. Her son, my brother Efraim Luz (Nissensohn), was a foreign volunteer in the Israeli War of Independence (1948).

Personal history:

I was born in Buenos Aires in 1922. In 1935 I founded the apolitical youth Zionist organization "Avuka", which endured for six years. In 1937 I joined Betar movement, and the anti-Nazi organization "Accion Argentina" in 1940. In 1943, when a pro-Nazi military junta came to power and banned all political activity, I joined an underground Action Argentina group, and served as head of the underground cell of the Faculty of Engineering at Buenos Aires University. In 1944 I was elected chairman of the Argentine branch of the Union Revisionist Zionists (URZ). In light of the threatening political situation, my father decided to develop an extended property, located in a very isolated and deserted area of the pre-Andes in the province of Mendoza, which would ultimately serve as refuge for the Jews. For this purpose, I suspended my engineering studies, resigned as chairman of the URZ, and moved to the Andean property, where I married in 1948, and where my two eldest sons were born.

In 1963 I immigrated to Israel with my wife, two sons and daughter, and settled in Dimona, where I taught mathematics and physics for twenty years in the high schools of Dimona and Sde Boker, and was the first principal of Yerucham high school. In 1967 I received a BSc. degree in mathematics, physics and education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In 1983 I received an MSc. in physics from Ben Gurion University of the Negev. In 1984 I moved to Beersheva, worked at Ben Gurion University and received a PhD. degree summa cum laude (1988). My scientific publications include a monograph entitled "SL(2,C) Gauge Theory of Gravitation," published in Physics Reports, 109/2, 1984, a book entitled "Gravitation" written in collaboration with Prof. Moshe Carmeli and Dr. Elhanan Leibowitz, World Scientific Press, 1989, and many papers presenting scientific innovations such as: A quadratic Lagrangian for General Relativity; a system of coordinate frames for the curved space-time in which, similar to the inertial frames of flat space, energy-momentum is conserved; and a tensorial expression for gravitational energy. (The two last in collaboration with Dr. Elhanan Leibowitz.)


(1) References to my grandfather and father can be found in: "Argentine, the Promised Land," Haim Avni, The Magnes Press, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem (1973), and in "30 Years of Jewish Colonization in Argentine" M. Alperson, Hevra, T. Aviv.

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