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By Noah Nissani

Based in the Noah Nissani and Elhanan Leibowitz's papers appearing in the bibliography.

General-Relativistic like-inertial global-preferred frames, the non-rotating frames, are derived from the energy-momentum distribution by a variational procedure. It is shown that these global preferred frames, wherein the energy-momentum is globally conserved, share the experimental features of the inertial frames of Newton's mechanics and Einstein's Special Relativity. Their existence open the way for an tensorial expression of the gravitational energy-momentum, now integrated in the conserved energy-momentum tensor together with all the other forms of the energy-momentum.

Gravitational Energy in the Surrounding of a Star - Fall Velocity
By Noah Nissani
Based in the Noah Nissani and Elhanan Leibowitz's papers that appear in the bibliography.

The tensorial expression for the gravitational energy-momentum proposed by Nissani and Leibowitz [N & L, 91, 92] is thoroughly presented and used in calculating the integral gravitational energy in the surrounding of a star, and the fall velocity of a body in a gravitational field. In both cases the results coincide with Newton and Einstein's values up to the sixth and seventh digit, respectively.


The following are the Borland's Turbo C sources of the programs used in the calculations and graphs of the N.N. and E.L. paper "Experimental Facts and ...".
F.C and F2.C are nearly identical.

The first links with NPRNGRPH.C

and the second with NNPRNGRP.C

Which are graphic functions written for the CITIZEN 120-D dot printer.

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The following related programs are included for the sake of completion:

QX.C, R.C, RX.C, TEST.C and TY.C

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Other related papers:

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